Shaping a collective understanding of high quality hospice palliative care across all care settings

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The groundwork for provincial changes in hospice palliative care began in December 2011, when more than 80 stakeholder groups from across Ontario collaborated to formulate and issue Advancing High Quality, High Value Palliative Care in Ontario: A Declaration of Partnership and Commitment to Action. The goal was to enable a system that puts the patient and their family at the core of every decision made.

The former Hospice Palliative Care Provincial Steering Committee identified in October 2014 that significant gaps existed in how the delivery of hospice palliative care was organized across the province. A need for a formalized provincial network with clear accountability to drive the delivery of quality coordinated hospice palliative care was identified. 

Ontario Palliative Care Network

Ontario Palliative Care NetworkIn March 2016, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced the creation of a new Ontario Palliative Care Network (OPCN). It introduces a new governance structure for hospice palliative care accountable to the ministry, under the leadership of the Local Health Integration Networks, CCO, Health Quality Ontario and Quality Hospice Palliative Care Coalition of Ontario.

The OPCN is an organized partnership of community stakeholders, health service providers and health systems planners responsible for the development of a coordinated, standardized approach for the delivery of hospice palliative care services in the province. 

The OPCN will serve as principal advisor to the government for quality, coordinated hospice palliative care in Ontario. In that role it will: 

  • Be accountable for quality improvement initiatives, data and performance measurement; 
  • Support regional implementation of high-quality, high-value hospice palliative care; and, 
  • Connect current research and leading best evidence to clinical practice in a purposeful way. 

OPCN Newsletter

Mississauga Halton LHIN’s Regional Hospice Palliative Care Network - Moving Forward

The OPCN is working with the Mississauga Halton LHIN to create a Regional Hospice Palliative Care Network which will be jointly accountable to Bill MacLeod, CEO of the Mississauga Halton LHIN and Leslie Starr, CCO Regional Vice President at the local regional cancer centre.

The Regional Hospice Palliative Care Networks include a Program Lead and a Clinical Lead. They will work with local partners such as home care agencies, primary care, hospices, hospitals and other organizations to improve access to care in the community. They will also raise awareness of hospice palliative care in general, and improve the quality of care by optimizing the best of what is currently available while building for the future. Their work will be guided by the principles of equity as well as an emphasis on family and caregiver engagement.

Regional Palliative Care Network

Once established, the 14 Regional Hospice Palliative Care Networks will be jointly accountable to their LHIN CEO and CCO RVP.

If you would like more information on hospice palliative care, please contact Sandy Rao at 905-337-7131 ext. 253 or at the Mississauga Halton LHIN.

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