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Welcome to the Governance Resource Centre where Health Service Providers like you are provided with ongoing governance and board effectiveness support including a library of key resources.

The Governance Resource Library includes articles, reports, templates, tools and frameworks that provide Health Service Providers with the resources needed to more easily and quickly apply and benefit from good governance practices including:

  • mandates and Terms of Reference fro Boards, Committees and key leadership roles
  • sample Board and Committee work plans and meeting agendas 
  • meeting pre-read material and decision-making frameworks
  • Board and Committee meeting effectiveness criteria and tips
  • new director orientation framework and tools
  • Board, Committee, Chair and individual Director performance evaluation process frameworks and tools
  • articles, studies and reports useful to Boards as they research governance-related topics and practices in the future.

Using Resource Materials

The materials included reflect current best practices.  To be optimally effective, these materials should be chosen carefully and adapted for your use in your own organization.  You are free to download materials and then edit and add to them for your own use.

The resources provided are only suggestions for your consideration and use.  Every board should make sure all of the content is relevant to and works for their organization and to adapt as necessary to ensure it does.                                                                                           

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