Value of LHINs

LHINs are the only organizations in Ontario that bring together health care partners from the following  sectors – hospitals, community care, community support services, community mental health and addictions, community health centres and long-term care – to develop innovative, collaborative solutions leading to more timely access to high quality services for the residents of Ontario and Mississauga Halton LHIN communities.

By supporting these important partnerships, LHINs are ensuring that Ontarians have access to an effective and efficient health care system that delivers improved health care results and a better patient experience.

Ontario is shifting the focus of its health care system to revolve around the person. We have a plan to ensure Ontarians have access to high quality care and a sustainable health system for years to come. By organizing our system differently and focusing on the medical evidence, we will provide Ontarians with better care and better value for tax dollars.

Through these changes, we expect to see:

  • Reduced wait times and faster access to family doctors
  • Fewer unnecessary visits to the emergency room and re-admissions to hospital
  • Patients receiving care at home or in the community instead of in a hospital
How are we transforming the health care system?
  • Partnering with the sector and enabling them to play an active role in how the system will change.
  • Strengthening community agencies to support providers and encourage integration around the patient’s needs.
  • Health care funding will be determined based on the best evidence and will follow the patient.

What can we expect from these changes to the health care system? 

  • A system built for patients by the health care providers and leaders closest to them.
  • A health care system that integrates providers around patients to deliver better outcomes.